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Bencos Scientific Society

Bencos Scientific Society (BSS), a not-for-profit organization registered in Mumbai is a Bencos initiative and is working to promote Science and innovation in India through research and education.

Currently the society is involved in a number of collaborative research initiatives that are scientifically relevant and important to the society. Through our training and education arm-GATC, we have conducted a number of educational workshops and conferences to promote science and scientific thinking in India.

BSS is a community motivated by scientific ethos; learning, participating and supporting towards building a culture of sustaining global human welfare.


Our Philosophy

Bencos Scientific Society works on a comprehensive model of supporting individuals in science and education. It involves the participation of scientists of all age groups and expertise.

On one hand, the senior scientific community has the reserve of academic and philosophical experience. On the other, the younger community is driven by the love for high end technology. The two generations are often seen having divergent views on the same subject. A huge intellectual gap is apparent in the perspective and functionality of the two associated communities co-existing in the same field.

The Bencos scientific society takes upon itself the responsibility of bridging the apparent gap and constituting an integral system that derives strength from both these communities to achieve a common objective of growth and technological advancement for a better future.

Functions of the Society

All members of the society shall be free to share and post articles, communications, information, innovation etc concerning life sciences and all integrated fields of science for up-gradation of knowledge, ideas, understanding and evaluating progress concerning life.

All the inputs shall be edited, documented and may be published monthly/quarterly/yearly in our scientific journal “VIGYAN”.

The objective of the society is to provide a level platform to all its members for undertaking relevant scientific activities and developments through regular seminars, workshops and conferences. The physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life shall be correlated to biological sciences and efforts shall be made to strike a dynamic balance among these.

A strong bond between juniors and seniors shall be established. The pre-tested practices followed by experienced generation shall be seen through innovative imagination of the younger generation and the continuity of life shall be presented in a most interesting and entertaining way. The holistic human evolution shall be captured through scientific activities to sensitize people from all walks of life making them aware and conscious to nurture their own lives for an enjoyable living.

Meet the Team

The BSS team constitutes of researchers and senior scientists from across the country sharing a similar vision of comprehensive learning and development for all.

Subhanjan Bhowmik

Founder, Member

Dr. Vainav Patel

Founder, Member

Dr. Rita Mukhopadhyay


Dr. Vikrant Bhor

Founder, Member

Dr.Deepak Modi

Founder, Member

Dr.Akhil Banerjee