How can I register for the Symposium?

One can register for the symposium by simply filling up the registration form on the One Day Symposium page. Registration is subject to few important clauses like you need to be at least a Masters degree holder to attend this conference.

Do I need to know NGS to attend this symposium?

No. A basic understanding of standard sequencing technologies would be enough to understand the concepts discussed during the seminar sessions. A little understanding of the NGS principles will be definitely helpful.

Do you organize NGS workshops?

Yes we do organize NGS workshops from time to time based on demand and requests. We organize a 7 days exhaustive NGS workshop during our international conferences.

When will you organize your next international conference?

Our next international conference GATC 2018 is scheduled to be held in Guwahati, Assam during 8th & 9th of January 2018