Genomics Analysis & Technology Conference

We hereby introduce you to a new technology forum - the `Genomics Analysis and Technology.

Conference’ (GATC) 2020. GATC intends to bring latest high throughput genomics technology from the industry to its point of application in the hands of the users. This is an initiative of Bencos Scientific Society, the educational section of Bencos Research Solutions along with members from various national institutes in India. A three-day meeting is planned during April 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2020, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India to introduce the forum as a common platform for academics, industry partners and policy makers of life sciences in India. The projected outcome of GATC 2020 would be to present knowledge of Translational Research & Genomics awareness and opportunities for future in India and the world at large

The 2020 GATC will be attended by over 250+ delegates from India and abroad. This conference will primarily dwell on subjects of clinical and medical genomics, agrigenomics, metagenomics and related data science and AI. There will be 8 sessions for oration by invited speakers, 8 keynote address and oral presentations by selected participants besides poster presentations. A post-conference hands-on nextgen sequencing and bioinformatics workshop will be conducted through April 6th till 9th, 2020 at the venue by participating companies in collaboration with scientists from national institutes.

A job and internship fair and a technology and instrumentation exhibition will be part of the meeting activities. The conference is designed to provide an interactive forum for scientists and students. Call for papers will be sent to universities, hospital R&Ds and research institutes for their participation. Awards will be announced for best poster by students and one award for a senior scientist for his/her contributions to present day genomics science in India will be incepted at the GATC 2020.

After a successful GATC 2017 and GATC 2018; GATC 2020 will again bring together users of nextgen sequencing and genomics technologies to share their work, build new connections and explore collaborations in all areas of biology primarily clinical medicine, biomarkers, diagnostics, animal, plant and agricultural sciences. As a part of our mission & through the support of this committee we also wish to make opportunities for bright Indian scientists from all across the globe now available in India.

Bencos Scientific Society

With an aim to provide support to biological research and health-care with providing affordable research services and solutions both directly and indirectly to meet research objectives at the same connecting the specialists to the experienced. Doing so Bencos has emerged into a parallel scientific society dedicated towards bridging the apparent gap and constituting an integral system that derives strength from both young and the experienced to achieve a common objective of scientific networking and growth.


"To establish a community motivated by scientific ethos; learning, participating and supporting towards building a culture of sustaining global human welfare."


"Nurturing life through simplifying research and easy knowledge sharing."


Bencos Research Solutions Pvt. Ltd. emerged through the conceptualization of creating scientific and pro-scientific activities towards simplifying research and understanding life. Living organisms are a complex collection of molecules working in a perfect harmony in a musical journey called ‘life’. Deciphering the rules that govern and sustain life is truly fascinating. We aim to provide support to biological research and health-care with providing affordable research services and solutions both directly and indirectly to meet research objectives. We believe a timely supply of the right products saves valuable time and thus contributes significantly towards efficient execution of experiments. An organized order and supply chain to facilitate this process will be highly beneficial. We provide an online e-commerce platform that allows easy selection and ordering of research products. At Bencos, we remain a consistent and reliable partner in your research; providing products and research solutions, guiding in product selection, educating customers on the need for careful use of laboratory resources and extending all forms of software solutions for data management and analysis.


On one hand, the senior scientific community has the reserve of academic and philosophical experience. On the other, the younger community is driven by the love for high end technology. The two generations are often seen having divergent views on the same subject. A huge intellectual gap is apparent in the perspective and functionality of the two associated communities co-existing in the same field.

The Bencos scientific society takes upon itself the responsibility of bridging the apparent gap and constituting an integral system that derives strength from both these communities to achieve a common objective.


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